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World Series 2018

The American League Championship Series hasn't even started, and it is already historic. The Boston Red Sox vs. the Houston Astros matchup marks the first time in major league history that a team with as many as 108 victories in a season (Boston) will face a team with 103 victories in a postseason series. The 211 combined victories mark the second most in any postseason series, trailing only the 212 in the Yankees-Padres World Series in 1998, which turned out to be a rout. There will be no rout here. These teams are too good, and they have too much to play for. This is going seven. #worldseries2018 #MLBhouston #gostros #HoustonAstros #HoustontoGalveston #Herewegolimo #Houstonairport #Houstoncarservice #Houstonairportransportation #Houstonlimoservice #Houstonlimo 

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